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Signs That You Might Have a Leak: The Consequences of Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common property losses reported by homeowners. Back in 2017, the insurance information institute concluded that losses from water damage were the most frequently reported and cost an average of $10,234 to homeowners. Water damage from leaky pipes or damaged plumbing can be extensive, often discovered when it’s too late and the effects beyond your control.

Considering the amount of damages from leaky plumbing, you should really get your pipes routinely examined if you detect even the slightest chance that you might have water damage. Some signs that indicate water damage include:

1. Wet Patches on Your Walls and Floor

Plumbing pipes run behind your walls, around the foundations of your home. If your pipes really are leaking, it’ll show behind your paint where it gets wet, patchy, and puffy and starts peeling off. This can be especially dangerous because water could get into your wiring systems to short out your entire home, possibly causing electrical fires.

2. Cracking Foundations

Foundations might be made out of concrete, but prolonged exposure to water can make them crack. Excessive water seepage soaks into concrete leaving these really long vertical cracks along the foundation, and might even threaten a foundation collapse. You should look out for cracks in the wall, windows, and doors caused by weak foundations. If the foundations are cracking—water damage is a likely cause.

3. Rising Water Bills

If your water consumption hasn’t changed but your water bills are getting higher, it’s a sure sign that you have a leak somewhere in the house. The higher the bill, the more intense the damage—which might not be apparent but a leak that size could indicate a nasty water damage surprise.

4. Mold Growth along Walls  

Fungus and mold thrive in moist environments. If you see a patch of mold growing along your roofs or walls, then you have a leak somewhere, which is causing plenty of damage to your home which you should have examined.

5. Hearing Running Water

Most leaks are undetectable because they’re too small to be heard. If you can still hear running water even though all the taps in the building are turned off, you should consider having your home inspected. Hearing running water can indicate a huge leak or a burst pipe which should be contained at all costs unless it causes more damage than already inflicted.

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