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The Health Risks of an Unclean Air Duct

The air ducts running through your homes and offices control the quality of air inside the building. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specifically defines how healthy the air in your rooms is. Air ducts control airflows in and out of the building and so, also control the IAQ of the building. You should have your air ducts cleaned out immediately if you feel that the air is getting stale, there’s a strange smell in the air, or you hear a strange sound from the ducts.

How important is IAQ?

Buildings were designed to protect people from the external environment. There are far more contaminants and pollutants outside, and sometimes temperatures outside homes or offices aren’t suitable for your health and productivity. Building managers can use IAQ to see how effective the buildings ventilation systems are - so that people inside the buildings work efficiently and feel comfortable.  

Your air ducts and ventilation systems should filter out any allergic pollutants, while also maintaining healthy levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your rooms. The IAQ tells you the amount of contaminants in the room and measures the concentrations of carbon dioxide, oxygen, radon, and other harmful gases.

If you find that the IAQ in your rooms is lower than is healthy - get your air ducts examined and possibly cleaned out. Continuing with air ducts that don’t maintain healthy IAQ could cause many health problems depending on the cause of the malfunction.

The Health Risks of Low IAQ and Dirty Air Ducts

There are plenty of reasons why your air ducts malfunction, and each brings a unique set of health risks. These include:

Harmful Mold, Pollutants, and Allergens

Pollen, mold, and dust mites are the most common causes of allergies in the US - nearly 11 million Americans develop reactions to these annually.  A functional air duct would filter any allergens out to make sure that the occupants aren’t exposed to anything that might cause an allergic reaction. Blocked or unclean air ducts won’t filter the allergens out and pose a significant threat to the occupants’ health.

Rodents in the Vents

Rodents are the most common cause of air duct malfunction. Small animals can carry around ticks, mites, and other pests, which can cause allergic reactions. A malfunctioning air duct won’t filter out these airborne pests and potentially cause health problems.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

There are plenty of sources of toxic chemicals in a building that your air ducts should filter out. Asbestos, carbon monoxide, radon, formaldehyde, and many other chemicals can find their way into your buildings to cause debilitating symptoms. Although the short term symptoms of exposure to toxic chemicals aren’t very uncomfortable, the long-term exposure effects include heart disease, cancer, and various respiratory diseases.

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